“I Dare You”

The game truth or dare has become somewhat of fading childhood pastime. I can remember playing this game with my cousins, at summer camp, and even school. This was game designed to test your guts, depending on who you were playing with of course. The truth, was always the lesser of two evils, because who knows if your version of truth is actually, the truth.  It was those willing to dare, that made this game a stable in my childhood memory.

I was no daredevil growing up. I often opted for that easy route; The truth. Ask me anything, and I’ll share it.  The truth required less effort, and only boiled down to honesty. I guess the truth was, I wasn’t daring enough to dare. What if, I was asked to do something crazy, what if, I had to face my biggest fears. What IF. The story of my life, I guess. Always being over-analytical and critical with the simplest decisions. This was just a game, right? It had no bearings on us or our realities, right? Well let’s just say it does. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that “IF” doesn’t exist in my realms of possibilities, and it shouldn’t in yours.

I Dare You! Those three words incites so much action. If ever in a confrontation, those three words are what we called, fighting words. It provokes you to act. So, what am I provoking you to do? Well the first is, to Dream. The possibilities are endless when we shut our eyes to sleep, aren’t they. Our mind allows us to be anything, see anything, also do anything. But, that’s not the dreams I’m speaking of. When I say dreams, I mean the visualization of manifestation. Sounds powerful doesn’t it. Seeing something that isn’t quite real, yet. Before we can begin to pursue our goals, conquest, or journey’s we must first create a visual in our mind.

I Dare You! To believe. No matter how much visualization we do, it means nothing if we don’t believe. With every fiber of our being, we must believe that whatever is destined to happen will happen. This is not as simple as I am making sound. It requires what we call faith. The confidence or belief in something that is not proven true. We all have beliefs whether religious based, spiritual based, or a belief that neither exist. Not matter what we believe, what is important, is that we believe in our self. Believe in our ability to manifest the outcomes we desire. This is not to say that it is up to us and solely us, but it starts with us. One of my favorite quotes is from the great author Dr. Suess. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Encourage yourself, trust in yourself, and most definitely believe in yourself.

I Dare You! To achieve. The icing on the cake. To successfully reach a desired outcome by skill, effort, or courage. We must achieve. But what if.. Let me stop you right there. The moment we combine the words what and if, you have already decided it won’t work. Achievement is the direct result of our dreams and beliefs paying dividends. The way we view success, determines our success. If we view what everyone else is doing as the definition of success, our success will always have a standard and template, that may not always fit our desired outcome. Be your own standard of success. Yes, society will have us believe that ultimate goal is to possess riches, material, and notoriety. The template has been set and we must all tailor our lives to fit the box. The agenda is false, and we all the option to pursue what drives us closer to happiness while pursuing our passions.

I Triple Dog Dare You! To combine the three. We must remember that we have ownership in those three steps. We may not have everyone believe in your dreams, we may not have everyone’s support in what we believe, and we ultimately may not have everyone routing for our success or achievements. Now, if we do that is great and a bonus, but don’t expect it. We possess everything we need already inside of us to push forward in our endeavors. If you never try, the results won’t be a mystery. You will make 0% of the shots you don’t take. So stay committed to your dreams, stand firm in your belief, and push forward to achieve. Because, the truth is you never know who you may turn out to become.


Devon Lewis-Buchanan



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