“In Depth”

Have you taken the opportunity to go to the beach and just sit and stare at the ocean? If you said no then you are missing out on one of the most peaceful experiences this world has to offer. Taking time to reflect, pause, and just watch as the waves come roaring to the shores is tranquil in itself. It always makes me question, just how deep and vast is the ocean away?

Growing up in South Florida I was exposed to the ocean after moving from New York. As a kid my family would often take trips to the beach for one or two reasons, to enjoy the ocean view and because it was free. As a kid, I could remember looking out into the ocean and asking where does the water lead to? I had come to the conclusion, there was a giant waterfall all the way at the end of the earth. This of course was my rational thinking, even though I was taught in school about the different oceans and bodies of water. But none of that matter when I looked out and saw the ocean. The water always had a way to make me realize something; I am a small piece in an even larger world.

My last visit to the beach, I found myself thinking this time about the depth of the ocean. The water appears to never run out if you are just looking from the shore. It made me do something I often never have time for, or so I have convinced myself. It made me reflect. How deep am I? In comparison, of course, not in an actual figurative way. Where is the depth to me and where do I end? I reflected on this because in my mind I was comparing an Olympic size pool to the ocean. Of course, the two don’t compare in size or depth, but compared to me, which one was I closer to in comparison.

Vanity is consuming our society and culture. It’s hard not to deny what we know is true. We past our narcissistic behavior patterns down to the next generation, who have to indulge in self-centered behaviors. Many of us long for the social status, using any way possible to get others to look at us. We begin to validate or worth by attention. Our everyday normal routines have become, hold up let me post myself getting ready for work, wait let me pick the perfect song to play for this video of me riding in the car, hold up, don’t forgot to post your lunch, make sure you let everyone know you are eating healthy today. I am guilty of the same, but it is the awareness of it all that proceeds change.

The time comes when you have to search within yourself, the depths on you. What do you know about yourself to be true, contrary to what others believe about you? When you do take that time to reveal what is behind your own curtain, I hope you are prepared to be introduced to yourself for the first time. The quote “Everything you need is already inside” by Bill Bowerman speaks to what I have found true about me. I now challenge others to take that uncomfortable dive into the water, to explore your depth. This will reveal to you, whether your depth is an ocean or a pool.


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