Therapuetic Services

Inspire Youths believes in creating genuinely engaging therapeutic relationships that foster authentic connections with our clients. Our priority is to provide a space where our clients feel heard, understood and valued with every session. Through individual, family and group sessions we strive to create an atmosphere that aids our clients to open up and participate fully in the healing process.

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a joint process in which a client and therapist work together 1:1 to accomplish goals created by the client to facilitate growth and healing. Our approach to individual sessions is to interact using a combination of talk therapy, as well as creative therapeutic strategies such as art, games, role-playing, etc. 

Family Therapy

Family therapy offers parents and children an opportunity to strengthen bonds, resolve conflict and support critical transitions with the help of an objective expert. Our clinicians will support, listen and engage the family in unique ways by facilitating needful conversation and building on family strengths.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides clients an opportunity to explore new topics and heal in a supportive environment with other people who may be experiencing the same things. Our peer-model of recovery helps group members share openly and learn from one another. Group sessions are limited to 12 participants and may last up to 12 weeks.

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